Thursday, April 8, 2010

Create a Photo Album for School Teaching

Do you want to share digital photos of your students, school projects, class trips, and other school events with students, parents, faculty, administrators, and board of education members?

Create a personalized photo album with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2002.

Create a photo album to display your photos with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2002. Here’s how:

Create a photo album using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2002

Start PowerPoint.
On the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click New Photo Album.
Click File/Disk or Scanner/Camera to insert your pictures.
Tip: You can select a group of pictures by using the SHIFT+click technique. Click the first file that you want, press SHIFT, and then click the last file that you want to select.
In the Photo Album dialog box, under Album Layout, select Picture layout and Frame shape. See how the photos look in the Preview window.
Select the other options that you would like to use. When you are finished, click Create.
Save your presentation, and then view the photo album in Slide Show view. Don’t forget to add slide show transitions and sounds to make your photo album even more fun to view.

Tip: A special add-in program for PowerPoint 2000 allows users to easily and quickly import pictures from their computer, scanner, or digital camera into a PowerPoint 2000 presentation. This special add-in can be downloaded from After downloading and installing the add-in, you will be able to create photo albums, too. On the File menu, select New, and then on the General tab, select PhotoAlbum. Follow the steps above to add photos from a disk, scanner, or camera.

After your photo album is done, save it onto a DVD disc that is good for delivery and holding. To burn your PowerPoint photo album to DVD, take the professional Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.

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