Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make Easter PowerPoint Presentations and Convert to Video for YouTube

Share easy, encouraging PowerPoint presentations of your Easter 2010 on YouTube by turning to high-definition video with Moyea PPT to Video Converter

easter powerpoint to youtube video
Easter is a joyous festival for churches to celebrate resurrection of Christ, families to welcome coming of Spring, and kids to have great fun in colorful activities. So what are you going to do on Easter’s Day? You may bake bunny cakes, make chocolate cookies, decorate Hunt parties, and, take photos for fun moments of the special day! Don’t you want to post your Easter story on the Internet and share with all the world?

A clever combo is PowerPoint + YouTube. You know, PowerPoint is good for digital content authoring while YouTube is popular for video story sharing. You can use PowerPoint to organize photos of your Easter’s Day, make it into a dynamic holiday story for putting on YouTube.

Meanwhile, you need a conversion tool like Moyea PPT to Video Converter to swift the Easter PowerPoint to MP4 video before publication on YouTube. Coz YouTube does NOT recognize PowerPoint files, e.g. PPT, PPS, PPTX, PPSX.

Here follows a simple process of

Creating Easter video presentation with PowerPoint

No matter it is a sermon video for Easter Sunday, or a photo album of kid’s egg hunting, you can refer to these 5 steps:

Step 1: Select a PowerPoint template for your Easter video presentation

Looking for a free PowerPoint template of Easter theme? Click here to download one that best fits your presentation and save it on your local drive.

Create a new PowerPoint project of your Easter story. To insert the new Easter template theme, go to Design > Themes > Browse for Themes to select it and apply to your presentation.

Step 2: Add photos or pictures to your Easter PowerPoint

A picture is worth a thousand of words. Do NOT forget to import some quality pictures representing your Easter. In the PowerPoint, click Insert -> Picture -> Insert Picture from File to add your favorite Easter pictures or photos. This will make your Easter presentation more intuitive.

Step 3: Enter text for the Easter PowerPoint presentation

What is your idea of the Easter story? Tell it in simple vivid words! Enter a title and texts for your Easter video presentation. Note that bigger font size will be friendlier to your audience.

Step 4: Animate the Easter presentation with PowerPoint effects, music, movie or flash

If you want a dynamic Easter video presentation, take advantage of transitions, animations in PowerPoint and import another sound, movie or flash clip.

For your convenience, see How to play a sound across all slides of PowerPoint and How to add a video clip to PowerPoint presentation

Step 5: Convert your Easter’s Day PowerPoint project to video

Ready? After rehearsing your presentation til perfect, you are now to convert it to video for YouTube. A dedicated conversion tool like Moyea PPT to Video Converter can help. Click here to download the PowerPoint to Video Converter

Install and launch the converter. Import your Easter PowerPoint presentation. Select a video output format, e.g. MP4 or FLV for YouTube. Customize the file with video Profile. And, click Start to convert it to HD video.

A few minutes later, you get your Easter video presentation. You can upload it to YouTube or similar video hosting sites so as to share with more people around the world.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Insert Commom Videos into PowerPoint

Generally, adding a video to your presentation goes easy with a few clicks on Insert > Movies and Sounds > Movie from File (in PowerPoint 97-2003) or Insert > Movie > Movie from file… (in PowerPoint 2007). But the video may not play in your PPT presentation due to a wrong file format. You know, PowerPoint only recognizes 4 video file formats - ASF, AVI, MPEG and WMV.

So, when you are about to insert a flash video from YouTube or Google Video, or a recorded video from your digital camera or Web camera, or a portion of a DVD movie, you’d better check whether it is a compatible file format to PowerPoint.

Here is a list of how-tos for 6 different types of video to insert to a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Insert YouTube Video to PowerPoint

    Sure, you can play a YouTube video directly in your presentation using the embedding method, i.e., simply copy and paste the embed code of the video page to the target slide. Note that you must have Internet connection to make the embedding method work.

    In case YouTube is blocked on the target computer, you can download it to your local drive, convert to a supportable video format like AVI or WMV, and insert to your PowerPoint presentation. Because YouTube videos are in FLV, a file format that is not supported by PowerPoint.

    Top 8 Tools & Services To Download, Convert YouTube Videos for PowerPoint
    Insert YouTube Videos to PowerPoint V.S. Put PowerPoint Presentations on YouTube

    Similarly, you can also insert a web video downloaded from Google, Yahoo, MetaCafe, Veoh, etc, with a .flv extension like YouTube videos.

    # Add flash videos from Google, Yahoo, MetaCafe, Veoh: Insert Flash Videos to PowerPoint

  • Insert DVD Movie to PowerPoint

    You cannot put a DVD, or an audio or video portion of DVD, straight into any MS PowerPoint program. Coz DVD is not supported by PowerPoint.

    You should use a quality DVD ripper to rip/crop the DVD movie and convert it to AVI or WMV for PowerPoint.

    Must-read: Insert DVD Movie Clips to PowerPoint V.S. Burn PowerPoint Presentation to DVD

  • Insert Digital Camera Video to PowerPoint

    If you want to use a funny video stored on your Canon or Nikon camera, you can copy and paste it to your PC. Save the camera video to AVI, and insert to your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Insert VHS/Analog Video to PowerPoint

    For VHS or analog videos, you need to use a video capture app or device to convert them to digital ones. Then, save the converted videos as AVI or WMV and insert to your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Insert Web Camera Video to PowerPoint

    You recorded a video clip with a web camera on your Dell. Now you would like to use it in a PowerPoint presentation. So, re-save the recorded video clip to AVI. Next, follow the Insert method mentioned at the first line to insert it to your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Insert QuickTime Movie to PowerPoint

    Actually, an Apple QuickTime movie (.mov) file is not a supportable video format by PowerPoint. You cannot insert it directly to PowerPoint. You can hyperlink the QuickTime movie to PowerPoint, or convert the MOV file to AVI or WMV and insert to PowerPoint.

    Must-read: How to Add a QuickTime Movie to PowerPoint Presentation?

To keep your video-inclusive PowerPoint presentation work on a different computer, do not forget to place the source video file and your presentation in the same file folder. Copy the folder to a USB and paste it to the target computer. Sometimes, you need to insert the video again to your presentation.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

7 Best Ways To Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Video

You might look for a tool to convert PowerPoint to video when you have a cool presentation to share on YouTube, when you need to put a business presentation on iPhone, when you are about to transfer a PPT course to another computer not compatible, yet without an effect lost - Original specials like animations, transitions, narrations, audio and video clips get fully retained.

Google collects a wealth of PowerPoint to video solutions. And I have tried and tested a bulk of 30 from the first 10 pages for the keyword "convert PowerPoint to video", and finally summed up the top-ranked 7 among them, shown as below.

7 Best Ways to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Video

1. Dedicated PPT to Video Conversion Software

Many third-party shareware can help convert PowerPoint presentations to video files. Take Moyea PPT to Video Converter for example. The commercial software lets you convert a PowerPoint presentation to LOSSLESS video in 100+ file formats, e.g. ASF, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, etc.

Convert PowerPoint to Video with Moyea PPT to Video Converter

To convert a PowerPoint presentation to video with Moyea PPT to Video, do these 3 steps:

  • Step 1 - Install the PowerPoint to video converter and import the presentation(s) that you want to convert.
  • Moyea PPT to Video Converter - convert PowerPoint to video

  • Step 2 - Select an output video format you need. You can also customize video profile parameters to be perfect fit.
  • Step 3 - Click "Start" to convert the presentation to video.
  • Pros: Most commercial PPT to Video converters are able to keep all the original PowerPoint components such as animations and sounds to an output video, making it a comfort to upload your presentation to YouTube and other social media nets like blogs, podcasts, as well as to view it on your iPod, iPhone and Blackberry.

    2. Camtasia Studio

    Camtasia Studio is a popular screen recorder developed by TechSmith and capable of creating quality videos out of PowerPoint presentations.

    Convert PowerPoint to Video with Camtasia Studio

    Here follows a simple guide on how to make video slideshow with Camtasia Studio 6.1:

  • a. Download and install Camtasia Studio on your local computer.
  • b. Open the program, and select Record PowerPoint in the Task List. MS PowerPoint prompts up.
  • c. Open the PowerPoint presentation to record. Set the recording options from the PowerPoint Add-in Toolbar.
  • d. Then click the red Record button to enter the presentation.
  • e. Press Click to begin recording button. When finish recording, specify a name and location and save as *.camrec file.
  • Catasia Studio - PowerPoint to video

  • f. Continue to edit the recording. Select the slide size, arrange the transitions, add effects, or edit audios.
  • g. Produce a video in a sharable format (WMV, MOV, AVI…)
  • 3. Adobe Captivate

    Another hot video capture app for creating PowerPoint video is Adobe Captivate. Take Adobe Captive 4 for example.

    Convert PowerPoint to Video with Adobe Captivate 4

  • I. Download and install Adobe Captivate 4 on your computer. Open the program, in the main interface, click From MS PowerPoint in the Create Project tab to select a PowerPoint file to convert.
  • Adobe Captivate 4 - Create from MS PowerPoint

  • II. Customize the new PowerPoint project by adding an audio file, redefine a slide timeline, set video quality, etc. Click OK to start converting the file to SWF.
  • III. Edit the slides in the left Slide Tasks panel. Once ready, click the Publish ribbon to enter the Publish interface. In the prompt up, select Media, set the media type as "Video (*. avi)" and type a title for the video project.
  • Adobe Captive 4 Convert PowerPoint to AVI

  • IV. The SWF to AVI conversion starts. Finally, you will get an AVI video based on your presentation.
  • Cons: Adobe Captive 4 converts a PowerPoint presentation to AVI only. If you want to convert it to other video formats, it won’t help.

    4. Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Movie Maker is free for Windows XP or Vista users. It lets you create a home movie out of texts and images.

    Convert PowerPoint to Video with Windows Movie Maker

    To make a video from PowerPoint, you need to save all the slides in your presentation as like *.jpg or *.png.

  • a. Go to Office (in PowerPoint 2007) or File (in PowerPoint 97-2003)-> Save As -> Other Formats, in the popup Save As box, select the type to either of the above graphical formats.
  • b. Then choose to export every slide as the specified picture format.
  • c. A folder containing the exported slides with the same name of the original presentation is generated. Open Windows Movie Maker, and import the separate slides to collections one by one.
  • d. After that, drag all the imported slide images and drop to Storyboard. If you wish, right click a slide image to add video effects for it.
  • e. Finally, go back to the File menu, and save the slide collection as movie file.
  • Cons - all the dynamic effects (like audio or video clips) in the original presentation are lost in the generated movie.

    5. Microsoft Photo Story 3

    Microsoft Photo Story 3 is only free available for Windows XP users. If you are a qualified user for this, then download and install Photo Story 3 for Windows on your PC.

    Convert PowerPoint to Video with Microsoft Photo Story 3

    Similar to that in Windows Movie Maker, you have to save each single slide to *.jpg or *.png for Photo Story 3. Then import the pictures to the program, edit it by adding a title, an effect, a narration, or background music for output video.

    Photo Story 3 for Windows PowerPoint slides to video

    Once it is ready, proceed to the output type. It will be generated to a video in WMV. You can save the WMV file for playback on your computer, in Email, or for playback on a pocket PC or a Smartphone with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile.

    Cons - Again, all the animated elements including audios, movie clips and transitions in the source PowerPoint presentation won’t appear in the WMV file.

    6. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

    One of the most significant features in the upcoming PowerPoint 2010 is Save As Video. That is, you can build a project in PowerPoint 2010 and save it as WMV without a third-party converter.

    Convert PowerPoint to Video with PowerPoint 2010 Beta

    To convert your PowerPoint 2010 presentation to Video, perform the following steps:

  • a. Go to your PowerPoint 2010 presentation.
  • b. Select Office button > Share option > Create a video.
  • c. Set an effect for output video. Under create a video, set the output quality and the transition time between slides.
  • d. Click Create Video button.
  • You will get a video with a file extension of .wmv.
    Cons: PowerPoint 2010 supports only WMV as output video format. If you want to convert a PowerPoint presentation to web-friendly FLV, MP4, it won’t work.

    7. QuickTime movie for Mac PowerPoint

    For Mac PowerPoint users, there is a "Make Movie" (QuickTime Movie) feature.

    Convert PowerPoint to Video with Mac PowerPoint

    Actually, the movie is a slide show that can run on any application that supports QuickTime movies. Also, note that transitions in the original presentation may play differently in the QuickTime movie, and that animations will be completely missing in the movie. You’d better re-save it with QuickTime Pro.

    From PowerPoint to video, your presentation has become more accessible on Internet and on the go with such a wide selection of convenient software applications. Easy job, enjoy it!

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    2010 Chile Earthquake ( PowerPoint Video)

    The 2010 Chile earthquake occurred off the coast of the Maule Region of Chile on February 27, 2010, at 03:34 local time (06:34 UTC), rating a magnitude of 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale and lasting for about three minutes. The cities experiencing the strongest shaking—VIII (Destructive) on the Mercalli intensity scale—were Talcahuano, Arauco, Lota, Chiguayante, Cañete, and San Antonio. The earthquake was felt in the capital Santiago at Mercalli intensity scale VII (Very Strong). Tremors were felt in many Argentine cities, including Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and La Rioja. Tremors were felt as far north as the city of Ica in southern Peru. Tsunami warnings were issued in 53 countries, and a tsunami was recorded, with amplitude of up to 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in) high, in the sea at Valparaíso, Chile. President Michelle Bachelet declared a “state of catastrophe”. She also confirmed the deaths of at least 708 people. Many more have been reported missing.
    The epicenter of the earthquake was offshore from the Maule Region, approximately 8 km (5.0 miles) west of Curanipe and 115 km (71 mi) north-northeast of Chile’s second largest city, Concepción. The earthquake also caused seiches to occur in Lake Pontchartrain to the north of New Orleans, United States, located nearly 4,700 miles (7,600 km) from the epicenter of the quake.
    –form Wikipedia
    2010 Chile Earthquake Slideshow (Original)
    View more presentations from Emerito Razon.
    2010 Chile Earthquake Video Slideshow
    This Video Slideshow was Converted from the PowerPoint file CHILE Earthquake - February 27,2010 with Moyea PPT to Video Converter, click to download the free trail to upload your own PowerPooint to Youtube.

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Embed Youtube Video into PowerPoint with Youtube Add-in

    embed youtube video in powerpoint

    Following tutorial will enable you to embed YouTube Videos directly into PowerPoint using video URL.

    Video Demonstration

    PowerPoint Options

    embed youtube video in powerpoint

    PowerPoint Options - Add YouTube Add-in in PowerPoint

    embed youtube video in powerpoint

    YouTube Video Add-in

    embed youtube video in powerpoint

    Insert YouTube Video Via URL in PowerPoint

    embed youtube video in powerpoint

    Embed YouTube Video

    embed youtube video in powerpoint

    YouTube Video in PowerPoint

    embed youtube video in powerpoint

    YouTube Video Playing in PowerPoint

    embed youtube video in powerpoint


    While you can always download YouTube videos and insert them into PowerPoint but there is another easy way to embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint if you do not want to download YouTube video and want to insert video using its URL from YouTube.

    You will need an add-in for PowerPoint which will add a new option of 'YouTube Video' under 'insert Tab'.

    Download add-in based on MSOffice version at the bottom of the post and add add-in in PowerPoint using the following method. Its a YouTube Video Wizard (YTV) add-in for PowerPoint.

    For PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions
    • Extract the contents of the zip to a folder.
    • Launch PowerPoint.
    • Click on Tools > Add-ins to bring up the add-ins window.
    • Click on Add New and navigate to the folder where the contents of the zip file was extracted and select 'YouTubeVideo.ppa' and click OK.
    • You might be prompted with the macro virus warning. Enable the macros. When the Add-in is properly loaded, it will display a tick against the add-in name.
    • That's it. You have successfully loaded the add-in.
    For PowerPoint 2007 or 2010
    • Extract the contents of the zip to a folder.
    • Launch PowerPoint.
    • Click on Office Button > PowerPoint Options.
    • In the PowerPoint Options dialog, select the Add-ins tab.
    • Select 'PowerPoint Add-ins' from the Manage drop down and click 'Go'
    • On the Add-ins dialog, click 'Add New' and navigate to the folder where the contents of the zip file was extracted and select 'YouTubeVideo2k7.ppa' and click on OK.
    • You might be prompted with the macro virus warning. Enable the macros. When the Add-in is properly loaded, it will display a tick against the add-in name.
    • That's it. You have successfully loaded the add-in.

    Using Microsoft PowerPoint You can also double click 'YouTubeVideo2k7.ppa' directly which will bring up PowerPoint and the add-in will be loaded for you for that session to use.

    Download YouTube Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint

    Download YouTube Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint (2003 and earlier versions) (40 KB)
    Download YouTube Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint (2007 or 2010 versions) (46 KB)

    [ source ]

    Above solution works great, the only problem is that it streams live videos so an internet connection is required to playback the video during the slide show. If you plan to deliver a presentation without internet, take the following approach.

    If you are interested in embedding YouTube videos in PowerPoint offline then you have to download and convert video from YouTube first and then embed into PowerPoint. First download the YouTube video locally in either WMV or AVI format because PowerPoint doesn't understand the default FLV or MP4 formats of YouTube. You can either use free online services to save any YouTube video as an AVI file. Simply use insert option in PowerPoint and then select 'Movie' tab to embed video from your computer into PowerPoint.

    Actually, there are also other methods of embedding a Youtube video into PowerPoint, see the tutorial:

    How to play Youtube video in PowerPoint 2003/2007?