Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads

Christmas comes nearer and nearer,are you still hesitating about what gift is proper for your father? Here's a look at some great present ideas for fathers that are fun, practical, or that offer relaxation. Hope these may help.

Most dads work hard year round earning money to support their families. Christmas is a great time to thank Dad for all of his work with a cool holiday present. Here are some ideas for good gifts for Fathers.

Cool Sports Gifts for Dad

A lot of dads are into some kind of sports whether it be as a spectator or player. If the dad enjoys watching sports, consider tickets to an upcoming game he was hoping to see. If he enjoys participating in some kind of sport, he would probably love some kind of sports accessory. If unsure of what he needs, a gift certificate to a sporting goods store would make him happy.

Tools for Dad

If the Dad is handy around the house, he might enjoy some new tools. This can be as simple as a new hammer or as elaborate as a new tool cart. When thinking about tools, remember not to just think of tools for the home, but tools for the car as well.

Robes for Men

One thing dads don't think about too often is the condition of their robes. A gift suggestion is a nice, new velour robe. Not only would it keep Dad warm, it would be very soft and comfortable to wear. For an added touch, have it monogrammed.

Beer Baskets and Home Brew Kits

Does the intended dad enjoy beer? How about a beer gift basket? There are baskets available with just beer or ones that incorporate food, as well. For a unique beer present, give him his own home brew kit which will allow him to make his own beer. has a few different kits to choose from.

Spas for Men

Women aren't the only ones who like to feel pampered from time to time. A growing amount of spas are specializing in spa treatments for men. Corporate dads could benefit from a nice manicure and just about any dad would enjoy a nice, soothing massage.

Automotive Gifts

For dads who love their cars, an automotive gift would be a terrific gift. Inexpensive gifts could be a license plate holder that has some kind of special meaning to the dad or a nice steering wheel cover. A more elaborate gift to think about is some new hub caps or a car navigation system.

Movie Rental Gift

Watching a movie is a great way for a dad to be able to kick back. Treat a dad to a Sunday afternoon of movies with a gift card to a movie rental business such as Blockbuster. Be sure to include some munchies with the gift card such as a package of popcorn, a box of hot chocolate, or his favorite candy bar.

Reading Gifts

Some dads love to read. Is there a new book he's been talking about, but, hasn't yet purchased? That would make for a great gift. Also consider the idea of a subscription to a magazine that he enjoys reading. A gift card to his favorite book store is also a nice present.

DVD Photo Slideshow for Dad

Everybody especially Dad cherishes his happy memories with his family,so a DVD photo slideshow should be one of the best gifts for Dad.A Photo Slideshow is easy to make with PowerPoint and a DVD photo slideshow can be easily created by burning the PPT file onto DVD with Leawo PowerPoint to DVD.Then,father can enjoy the pleasant moments with TV when he is on a business trip far away from home.

Giving a Christmas gift to a dad that has meaning behind it can really make a dad feel special. If finances aren't there to do much shopping, one can always make a gift for a father. The most important thing is that the gift comes from the heart and makes the dad feel special on Christmas day.

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