Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30 Online Presentation&Slideshow Services

Preezo launched last week, bringing another new player to the online presentations scene. Meanwhile, Google Presentations is set to launch by the end of August – possibly as early as this week. With so many services in this market, we’ve rounded up more than 30 tools to create, host and share online presentations. AdiĆ³s, Powerpoint! - AjaxPresents is an online presentation editor that enables you to edit Microsoft PowerPoint files (.ppt) as well as Open source presentation files (.odp). It requires Ajax13 and does not require installation of any software on computer. – Users can present and share their PowerPoint presentations with others. – BrinkPad enables users to create presentations with text and images. Be it slideshows, presentations or even drawing, you can do anything with this tool. - Users can create interactive website tours in minutes with Demofuse. The tour includes cursor movements and other activities related with a website visit.

Dimdim – Display your presentations to anyone remotely with Dimdim, a challenger to Webex. – Create online applications like magazines, brochures and portfolios and customize them by adding text, images etc. – Instantly create, preview, edit, and publish your tours to the web from anywhere there’s a web connection. - Share your interactive media presentations with your client and access them remotely from any computer. – Combine your business proposal and presentation by inviting selected users to your website. Negotiate your contracts with them online.

mPOWER – Import an existing presentation or create a new presentation from scratch. Share your presentation with users worldwide or publish it to the web.

    preezo.PNG – Use the fast Ajax user interface to create professional presentations online. – Create professional looking multimedia presentations by combining your text and media. - Display your online presentations to other users. – Record PowerPoint presentations, mix them with audio and publish them as a podcasts online. – A marketplace for PowerPoint presentations enabling user to store and share presentations. – Online library where users can publish their documents and search for other documents using a Flash viewer.

Scooch - Create amazing slideshows of your images. – SlideAware is a presentation management platform designed to help you & your team manage the entire life cycle of PowerPoint presentations. – Upload your presentations, share them with others and browse presentations. – Share your PowerPoint presentations instantly.

SlideShare - Upload your presentations, find other presentations and embed them in your blog or website.

    sliderocket.PNG – Web-based application to create presentations, manage presentation directories and share them with other users online. – Web-based presentation alternative to PowerPoint. Publish, edit and share Flash-based presentations online.

Teamslide – Create and give online presentations for a global audience through your browser.

ThinkFree - A web-based office suite that enables users to create, edit and share their PowerPoint presentations online. – Make your presentations from a browser, then share them with other users by simply sending them a link to your presentation.

TonicPoint Builder - Read, edit and create PowerPoint presentations right from your browser. Does not require any plugins. – Aimed towards professional users like photographers, designers and artists. Registered users can create intuitive online presentations, photo albums and portfolios.

Toufee – Very easy way to create and publish online flash presentations and movies. - Synchronize videos and PowerPoint files to create professional presentations.

Zoho Show – Create your presentations from your browser, share them over the web and export them offline. Part of the Zoho (zoho) office suite.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to Make 3D Effects with Radial Gradients in PowerPoint

PowerPoint's 3D effects can turn a square into a box and can extrude other AutoShapes, but circles just turn into disks. You can't get a sphere. The way to make a circle look like a sphere is to add a radial gradient, but alas, PowerPoint doesn't have good radial gradients. You need to go elsewhere.
The good news is that most graphics programs have radial gradients. Examples are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand, CorelDraw, and Macromedia Fireworks and Flash. You can even use the free's Draw program. ( also has a presentation program, Impress.)
If you create a radial gradient in another program, you can use it as a fill for a circle to give the impression of a ball, as shown here:

By adding a shadow (a rotated ellipse), you can make the ball look even more realistic. There are several methods of getting your radial gradient into PowerPoint, but here's one:
  1. Create the radial gradient, making it a perfect circle. You want two colors, one of them white. The white gives the look of a highlight created by a light source. The important point is to place the white part off center, as shown in the image here. Make sure there's no line around the edge. You just want the fill. (I did this in Photoshop.)
  2. Select the gradient and copy it to the Clipboard.
  3. Go to your slide in PowerPoint and paste. With the gradient selected, right click and choose Save as Picture. (PowerPoint 2002/2003) Name and save the image.
  4. Draw a circle.
  5. Right-click the circle and choose Format AutoShape. Click the Colors and Lines tab.
  6. From the Line Color drop-down list, choose No Line.
  7. From the Fill Color drop-down list, choose Fill Effects. Click the Picture tab, and click the Select Picture button.
  8. Find and choose the image you saved. Click Insert.
  9. Click OK twice to return to your slide. Your circle now looks like a ball.

Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Duplicate Animations in PowerPoint

It's common to create a nice PowerPoint animation and then want to copy the animation to a different object. Unfortunately, PowerPoint doesn't have that capability. While you can copy an existing animated object and get a duplicate, along with its animation, you can't independently copy an animation to another existing object.

Here are some options:

  1. Use Animation Carbon, a PowerPoint add-in for $50.
  2. Use pptXtreme's Edit, for $49.95.
  3. Use Moyea PowerPoint to Video Converter to convert PowerPoint to video formats.
  4. If you're applying animation to an image, in PowerPoint 2003, fill an AutoShape with the image, rather than inserting it. You can then copy the AutoShape (along with its animation), and replace the picture fill of the duplicate. In 2007, you can insert the image as usual, then right click it and choose Change Picture.
  5. If you're applying animation to an AutoShape, you can copy the AutoShape (along with its animation). Then select the duplicate, and choose Drawing toolbar> Draw> Change AutoShape, and choose a different AutoShape. In 2007, double-click the duplicate, and on the Format tab> Insert Shapes group, click the Edit Shape drop-down list, choose Change Shape, and choose another shape.

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3 Ways to Play a PowerPoint Presentaion on TV

Microsoft PowerPoint is popular with most of us. So is TV. When you make an astonishing PPT presentation and would like to share with your family and friends around, you can put the PowerPoint on TV to make a visual feast. The PowerPoint TV show also gives your audience a more comfortable feel of your self-made present. Then How to view PowerPoint on TV?

Here we will discuss three main methods of watching PowerPoint on TV.

Method 1 Show PowerPoint on TV with a DVD player
It is recommended if you have got a DVD player. Burn your PowerPoint to DVD, and view the slideshow on TV with a DVD remote controller. This way does you good in distribution, for you can send a DVD copy to a friend regardless of whether he has got a PC or PowerPoint, nor the version and operation system of his computer. It also protects your PowerPoint from malicious modification.

Let's see how to burn PowerPoint to DVD using Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro, a versatile tool featuring customized DVD menus and fast precise conversion.
First, you should launch the Program and input a PPT file you would like to convert.
Second, Click the Options tab in the menu bar and select Standard or HD DVD as the output.
In the Norm checkbox: select either NTSC or PAL/SECAM (TV standards) that is used in your country.
As to the Folder field, please make sure that the two locations are NOT specified the same, for all the files located in working folder will be removed automatically when the process completes.

Next, you can either continue the conversion by the default parameters with PPT to DVD Burner, or make advanced settings as necessary.
Then you can do with Menu settings. A flexible function designed to spark your brilliance!
After you have set all, click the Start button to start converting PowerPoint to DVD. You will find the output DVD file preserves every dynamic effect in your source PowerPoint.

Method 2 View PowerPoint on TV via Apple TV
To watch HD slide show on a home TV, you can also employ the power of Apple TV. All you need are two steps. First, convert PowerPoint to Apple TV video (usu. in MP4 format). Please refer to PowerPoint to Apple TV for more details. Next, put the converted video to iTunes and sync it with Apple TV. The Apple TV will automatically record the video on your computer and make it available on TV. That is, you can watch perfect PowerPoint presentation on your HD TV.

Method 3 Connect your TV directly to PC
Connect your TV directly to a computer, and control your PowerPoint presentation by computer. The result won't be that satisfying. The reason is that the monitor technology of a computer differs from that of a TV, which may produce thin lines and text shimmer. It may cause stuff loss of the original PowerPoint presentation. Thus you cannot view a full presentation with this method.

Comparing the above three, we can obviously observe that Method 1 and 2 are superior to the third method in keeping the entire PowerPoint onto TV with excellent effects. Besides, the first two methods will save your time a lot as you don't need to bother yourself with technical troubles that may occur when using the third method.

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