Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Duplicate Animations in PowerPoint

It's common to create a nice PowerPoint animation and then want to copy the animation to a different object. Unfortunately, PowerPoint doesn't have that capability. While you can copy an existing animated object and get a duplicate, along with its animation, you can't independently copy an animation to another existing object.

Here are some options:

  1. Use Animation Carbon, a PowerPoint add-in for $50.
  2. Use pptXtreme's Edit, for $49.95.
  3. Use Moyea PowerPoint to Video Converter to convert PowerPoint to video formats.
  4. If you're applying animation to an image, in PowerPoint 2003, fill an AutoShape with the image, rather than inserting it. You can then copy the AutoShape (along with its animation), and replace the picture fill of the duplicate. In 2007, you can insert the image as usual, then right click it and choose Change Picture.
  5. If you're applying animation to an AutoShape, you can copy the AutoShape (along with its animation). Then select the duplicate, and choose Drawing toolbar> Draw> Change AutoShape, and choose a different AutoShape. In 2007, double-click the duplicate, and on the Format tab> Insert Shapes group, click the Edit Shape drop-down list, choose Change Shape, and choose another shape.

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