Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to export PowerPoint to PDF

With the increasing importance of Internet in communication, it becomes necessary to do business and reach services online. To demonstrate your goods or services, you can use MS PowerPoint, which is great to vivify your plain presentation with a host of dynamic effects.

Sometimes, you also have to convert PowerPoint to PDF, a file format that is of high compatibility with different PCs and is data-protected to avoid unwanted copying of your contents.

Then, how to export PowerPoint to PDF? Here are several tips.
To get started, you can have the latest Adobe Acrobat or PDF Factory installed, which will create a Virtual PDF Printer as well on your computer. Below are the general steps of converting PowerPoint to PDF:

First, start Microsoft PowerPoint on your PC and open a PowerPoint file that you want to convert to PDF format.

Second, select from the main menu File -> Print. In the Printer interface, select Virtual PDF Printer from the Name dropdown list.

Note: If you want to adjust options for the PDF generation, click the Property button on the top right of the list.

Finally, click OK. A Save As dialog will pop up, prompting you to assign a folder and file name to the PDF document to be generated.

Then click Save and start the conversion of PowerPoint to PDF.

Apart from installing Adobe Acrobat as mentioned, you can output PPT to PDF using a third-party plug-in. Google a reliable PPT-to-PDF converter to create a PDF portfolio for your PowerPoint stuff.

It is also recommended to download, a free and open software suite with similar functions of Microsoft Office. After you have the software installed, go to its PowerPoint section and add your PPT file in. In the main menu of the PowerPoint, click File -> Export as PDF to save your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file.

In conclusion, the above three means can be considered when you want to convert a PowerPoint presentation to PDF format, i.e. via Adobe Acrobat or PDF Factory, a third-party PPT-to-PDF converter and the free


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