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Free PowerPoint Sound Clips

Free PowerPoint Sound Clips

You can download these PowerPoint sound clips to add into your Power Point presentations. They are available in either mp3 or wav format.

We recommend that you use the mp3 format as the file size is smaller. For older versions of PowerPoint you will need to use the wav format.

Coffee Break - the sound of a cappucino machine
Coffee machine (mp3) 283k
Coffee machine (wav) 780k

Tea Break - the sound of a tea cup being stirred
Tea Break (mp3) 67k
Tea Break
(wav) 183k

Time for a beer - the delicious sound of a top being taken off a bottle of beer and poured into a glass
Time for beer (mp3) 200k
Time for beer
(wav) 555k

Champagne - treat yourself to a bottle of champage being opened and a few glasses poured out
Champagne (mp3) 290k
(wav) 830k

Ting (mp3) 45k
Ting (wav) 122k

Door bell
Door bell (mp3) 24k
Door bell
(Wav) 64k

Phone Ringing - an old fashioned telephone bell
Phone ringing (mp3) 145k
Phone ringing
(wav) 423k

Ships bell - a ships bell being struck twice
Ships bell (mp3) 57k
Ships bell (wav) 104k

Morse code - a short extract of morse code - but can you tell what it means
Morse code (wav) 75k
Morse code (mp3) 10k

Cell Phone - a short clip of a cell phone ringing.
Cell phone (mp3) 77k
Cell phone
(wav) 836k

Ringing tone - the sound you hear when you dial a phone number
Ringing tone (wav) 412k
Ringing tone (mp3) 149k

Text message - the SMS message tone
Text message (mp3) 38k
Text message (wav) 101k

Dial tone - the sound you hear when you pick up your phon handset
Dial tone (mp3) 66k
Dial tone
(wav) 712k

Drip drip drip - the sound of a droplet of water slowly dripping away
Drip drip (mp3) 126k
Drip drip
(wav) 347k

Ding dong - the sound you hear at the airport before they make an announcement - as well as a door bell noise
Ding dong (mp3) 43k
Ding dong
(wav) 116k

Tick tock - the sound of a clock ticking away
Tick tock (mp3) 77k
Tick tock
(wav) 211k

Touch Tones - the sound of a fax or a modem dialing a telephone number (also known as DTMF)
Touch tones (mp3) 40k
Touch tones
(wav) 108k

Snoring - the sounds of my friend Viv asleep on the sofa (he doesn't know about this recording - so please don't tell him)
Snoring (mp3) 363k
(wav) 1 MB

The following templates have been supplied by Liz Oakley.

These sound clips are only available in mp3 format

Dog Barking - I don't know why, but this has been the most requested clip for us to produce - so here you are!
Dog Barking (mp3) 12k

Happy Birthday - a complete rendition of "Happy Birthday to you" - this is the world's most famous song
Happy Birthday (mp3) 223k

Wedding March - how romantic! - the sound of a bride walking down the wedding aisle
Wedding March (mp3) 374k

Car Horn - a car horn being beeped a couple of times
Car Horn (mp3) 290k

Wedding Bells - wedding bells at the church

Wedding Bells (mp3) 332k
Wedding Bells Long (mp3) 1788k

We have been sent in a whole CD of free sound effects by Alan McKinney from

With so many to choose from we have sifted through the sound effects and have selected those that we think are most appropriate to use in your presentations.

You can find more sound effects on Alan's website.

These sound effects are only available in wav format (but it has the advantage that you can embed them in PowerPoint).

Shush!! - need to make the meeting room quiet. Just play them the shush sound effect.
Shush (Wav) 31k

Gasps - Another Eureka moment. The whole group stands back and gasps.
Mixed group gasps (Wav) 48k

Oh yes - Not quite Leslie Phillips but quite a posh voice having consumed too much Port Wine saying "Oh yes"..
Oh yes (Wav) 36k

Cartoon Voice ahh - For one of those Eureka moments. A posh sounding voice saying Ahh. Could work well in a quiz programme.
Ahhh (Wav) 24k

Gargle - Another good comedy one. The noise of a man having a good gargle.
Gargle (Wav) 143k

Boat Engine - The satisfying chugg of a boat engine.
Boat engine
(Wav) 401k

Car Ignition - Time to get going. The sound effect of a car engine being started.
Car Ignition (Wav) 290k

Clock-Tick - An old clock marking the passage of time. Another one that is great for an "I must hurry" you quiz presentation.
Clock-tick (Wav) 658k

Drippy Rain - Sounds like it's going to be a wet day .
Drippy Rain (Wav) 587k

Dual Carriageway - Don't stand too close. The noise of cars roaring along the highway.
Dual-Carriageway (Wav) 658k

Rough sea - All adrift on a stormy night. This is a good sound effect if you want to tell one one of those shaggy dog stories.
Rough sea (Wav) 36k

Spitfre overhead - This one goes well with our Winston Churchill speech - Fight them on the beaches - the sound of a spifire flying overhead
Spitfire overhead (Wav) 1,018k

Toiler Flush - A great one for an anology about throwing money down the drain. The sound of your cash being flushed awya
Toilet Flush (Wav) 2,874k

Motorbike starting - Rearing to go. Here is a motorbike being started and revved up. In this case a Yamaha RD350. Oh happy memories.
Motorbike starting (Wav) 1,459k

Zip it up - Another comedy clip or one that could relate to packing things up at the end of a presentation.
Zip (Wav) 19k


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