Monday, December 14, 2009

How to Make Christmas Stockings?

Christmas is coming soon. The Christmas season is a great time for the family to gather together and create some wonderful craft items. Christmas crafts are among the most special and memorable, and those lovely crafts can be used again and again, each year as Christmas rolls around again.

One of the best and most useful Christmas crafts for the family to make are homemade Christmas stockings. These wonderful items of course have a long and fascinating history, and that history is kept alive each year as millions of children around the world wake up to stocking full of candies, toys and other treats. Using homemade Christmas stockings adds an extra sparkle to this old tradition, and gives Santa an insight into the creativity of the stocking designer.

Christmas Stocking
Christmas stockings are an easy craft to make, making this a great craft for all but the youngest children. To make this great craft, you will need:

  • Colorful pieces of felt

  • Colorful thread

  • Ribbons

  • Glue

  • A simple stocking pattern
To begin, simply place the stocking pattern on a piece of colored felt. The pattern can be created by simply tracing a store bought stocking, or by using one of the many patterns available on the internet and at local craft stores. The pattern should be placed near the edge of the piece of felt. You will need two parts for each stocking, and depending on your tastes the pieces can be the same color or different colors.

The two cut out pieces can then be carefully pinned together, and the parent can carefully do a blanket stitch around the edge, sewing the two pieces of the stocking together. After the two pieces have been sewn together, a loop of ribbon should be placed inside the top of the stocking. This loop will be used to hang the stocking proudly on the mantle.

After the stocking has been created, the front can be decorated with a variety of items, from pieces of felt to sequins. Natural items, such as holly leaves, small pine cones and berries, can be used as well. You may even want to personalize each stocking by having the child write his or her name using a glitter pen or craft paint. These great new creations can be hung on the mantle, where they will patiently wait for the arrival of Santa Claus on the special night.

Actually,you can make a slideshow about your happy experience of making Christmas stockings,and upload the Slideshow to Youtube to share with your family and friends or burn the slideshow onto DVD to treasure up the pleasant memory.

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