Friday, December 11, 2009

Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a Hail Mary and you’ve got some spare time, you could try one of these DIY gift ideas. People are usually so impressed that you spent some time on them that they won’t care that you deliberately spent next to nothing on them. WARNING: These projects might require A WHOLE HOUR to complete. For me, if I have to choose between making gifts for family and watching TV, I generally elect to do both. In which case, I generally injure myself and fail to complete the project. In which case, I go further into credit card debt buying a last minute CD Rack. Anyways, here are 4 DIY gift ideas that anyone can do:

  1. The Photo Collage. Buy a piece of poster board , print out a bunch of photos (at school or the office or your best friend’s house), cut them up and assemble them on the board. Most people, particularly family members, will be touched by such a thoughtful gift. Also, they’ll be so starstruck by pictures of themselves from 5 years ago (“I used to have hair! Do you see this? Look at this!”, they’ll think it’s the best, most unique gift they’ve ever received.

  2. Bead Necklace or Bead Eyeglass Holders. Roll over to your local hippie bead store (you’ve smelled that place before, admit it) and pick up an assortment of beads and a string. Slide them on the string and tie the ends. Whallah! Original gift. CAUTION: It’s a little tedious.

  3. The Dreamcatcher. It’s a piece of wood with some feathers hanging off of it. Come on. Provided you’re not trying to watch TV at the same time you’re gluing it together, you probably won’t glue your fingers together. By the way, does anybody know how to unglue your hands?

  4. The Family Video. If you can dig up your old family videos and put them together onto a DVD, it makes an amazing family gift. If you don’t have any old family videos, but you do have a video camera, you could start taping your family members at Thanksgiving and editing footage together during your spare time. If you don't even have a video camera, just pick up some daily photos from your phone,your computer or the Internet(I mean SNS,Flicr,blogs etc.).Then you can make a Slideshow with such warm and fragrant moments and burn the Slideshow onto DVD so that it can be played on a DVD-play TV.As far as Christmas gifts go, this one is very time consuming, but ultimately more rewarding than almost any other gift you could give.

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