Tuesday, September 14, 2010


by Martha of www.marthatcummings.com
I bought an iPad several weeks ago, and one of the main reasons I did was so that I would be able to show my South African PowerPoint presentation with relative ease. I dreamed of carrying my little iPad not only to South Africa but also to local schools and home parties to spread the word about our educational fund-raising efforts in Addo Township and Cape Town (www.marthatcummings.com).

The process was a complete nightmare, until I came across www.Moyeamedia.com. Oh, but first, the nightmare.

First I went out and purchased the Documents to Go Premium edition, as I was told that the software would show the PowerPoint without complications. Not true. Then I went out and purchased Keynote, the Apple version of PowerPoint. While that was able to import my PowerPoint, the sound would not progress beyond the first "slide." Then I found a free download of a PowerPoint-to-video converter that, despite my best efforts, would simply not duplicate the sound, even though that feature was advertised with resounding pride.

Finally I stumbled upon Moyea. Guess what! It worked. It could not have been easier. Really. No joke. I downloaded the free trial version, and within seconds my PowerPoint was converted to a type that is viewable on iPad [MP4-MPEG-4 Video (*mp4)]. Yes, finally, I was sitting down and viewing my PowerPoint presentation in video form with high-quality photographs and a perfectly-duplicated soundtrack.

I could not believe it.

Here's another revelation. When I wrote to Moyea to ask a question about its educational version, within 24 hours I received a reply that was targeted to my specific request, and when I wrote back again, the same thing happened. Wow, responsive customer service. Where was I?

So, suffice it to say that if you want to take care of this issue with the highest degree of ease, please do not look one step beyond what is to follow: www.Moyeamedia.com.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for calling my nightmare to a halt.

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