Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Play PowerPoint Presentations on iPhone 4 with Music, Videos, Animations & Transitions Preserved

Playing PowerPoint presentations on iPhone 4

With iPhone 4, you can easily make a video call with your friends, browse your favorite sites on the Internet, shoot your own movies or photos, play all kinds of games or read eBooks. You may realize that your life is totally changed because of your iPhone 4: that's the power of technology! Actually, iPhone is not only a phone, it can also be regarded as a mini PC, and you may want to enjoy more with it. In this article, you will learn how to give mobile presentations with your iPhone 4. Imagine that how cool if you make your iPhone 4 as a portable presentation machine!

How to put PowerPoint presentations onto the iPhone?

It's obvious that you cannot directly play a PowerPoint presentation on your iPhone 4. However, solutions come when we want them.

4 methods are available:
Method A: Save PowerPoint presentation slides as .jpg or .png images, and view these images on your iPhone.
Method B: Convert your presentation as PDF format using a free PowerPoint to PDF converter, and view the PDF file with iBook app.
Method C: Use some PowerPoint presentation application for iPhone like Documents to Go.
Method D: Convert PowerPoint presentation to 480×320px MP4 format using a PowerPoint to video converter like Moyea PPT to Video Converter and play the output MP4 video on your iPhone 4. Of course, you can also upload the MP4 video to video sharing sites ( as YouTube), you play the uploaded YouTube video with your iPhone.
Notice: ONLY if you use Method D, all the PowerPoint originals including music, video clips, animations, slide transitions, fonts and themes will be fully preserved. So, Method D is highly recommended.

Using iPhone to give your presentations

Once you put your PowerPoint presentations on the iPhone, you can give presentations whenever and wherever possible with such a mobile presentation machine. Even you can hook it up to a TV, monitor or projector to give presentation to a large audience. As a teacher, you presentation will deeply impress your students and your courses will become much more interesting and active; as a business, your presentation will vividly describe the features of your products and finally grasp all your potential customers....

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