Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Convert Word to PowerPoint (Save Word as PowerPoint)

convert word to powerpoint 1

Sometimes, we need to present a Word document as a presentation. It's complex to copy all the text to powerpoint. Here is a method to save Word as Powerpoint by using word's built-in formatting to make an easy transition from Word to PowerPoint.

Step 1: This is a Word document we want to save as PowerPoint.
convert word to powerpoint 2

Step 2: Change the styles of the text in Word.
Heading 1 style will be the title of each slide. The rest text will be bullet points under the first heading depending on which kind of style you set. PowerPoint 2010 can only convert text with a heading style, so you need to make sure all the text you want to keep in PowerPoint are all setted in headline style. Click Save when you finish.
convert word to powerpoint 3

Step 3: Open PowerPoint 2010, click File - Open, then open the word document you need to convert.
convert word to powerpoint 4

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