Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Use Different Themes in the Same PowerPoint File?

Today I saw a friend’s tweet, from which he asked “how can I use different themes in the same PowerPoint file”. Well, usually when we create PowerPoint, we use a theme to customize and decorate it. We can make a theme by ourselves, choose a build-in one or import one from other PowerPoint files.

Then is it possible to use different themes in one PowerPoint file? The answer is YES. I've just tried to do this in PowerPoint 2010. Here’s the simple step-by-step process:

Open PowerPoint file with PowerPoint 2010. You can see all the slides are using the same theme.

Click to select a slide (or select multiple slides by pressing Ctrl key). For instance, I choose 3 slides here. Then click Design tab in the toolbar. Different Themes are shown below.
use different themes in same PowerPoint 001

Move your mouse over these themes and stay on them, you can see the preview. Remember just don’t click on the theme now, otherwise all slides would be applied.

When you have made your choice, just right-click on the theme and choose Apply to Selected Slides from the drop-down menu.
use different themes in same PowerPoint 002

Now the theme of 3 slides has been changed to a new one. You can easily change different themes in a PowerPoint file in this way.
use different themes in same PowerPoint 003

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