Sunday, April 7, 2013

PowerPoint Tips: How to Set up PowerPoint Slides before Printing?

Dear PowerPoint fans, have you ever tried printing PowerPoint slides onto papers? Sometimes we may need to do this for our audiences’ reference. As we know, usually the PowerPoint slide is in 4:3 in the style, which is officially called Landscape view.
PowerPoint page setup 001

When you print the PowerPoint slide onto a standard A4 paper, it would be like this.
PowerPoint page setup 002

It looks weird, right? Do you know how to make the PowerPoint slide match the A4 paper when you print it? As a matter of that, we can set up PowerPoint page in advance before we create the presentation.

On PowerPoint 2010, open a file or create a new one. Click Design tab and choose Page Setup. A pop-up window of the same name appears. Now directly set the slide size as A4 Paper from the drop-down list. By doing this, we can Print PowerPoint on A4 papers perfectly.
Page Setup 001

Page Setup 002

In fact there are also many other slide sizes in the list, such as the 16:9 size for widescreen computers or the banner style, which is able to create a banner for a party or a school project.

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