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Guide on Adding Cool Free Animation to PowerPoint Presentations

When used judiciously, adds emphasis and visual appeal to PowerPoint presentations. It can transform a dull presentation into a lively and engaging one. However, you should be careful not to overdo it. Too much can be distracting, reduce comprehension, and make a presentation appear flimsy.

In this article, we’ll see how you can add free for your PowerPoint 2007 presentations.

PowerPoint Animation Basics

It is useful to understand the four basic types of free animations for PowerPoint:

  • Entry: used to introduce animated objects on a
  • Emphasis: used for emphasizing elements already present on a
  • Exit: how objects move off the
  • : move objects in a specified on the

Now let us see some simple ways you can add to your presentation.

Use Preset Animation for Text or Objects

free animation for powerpoint

To animate any object (text, shape, etc.), do the following:

1. Select the object you wish to animate

2. On the ribbon, select the Animations tab.

3. Choose an from the drop-down.

Use Custom Animation for Text or Objects

For fine-grained control, click the Custom button to bring up a task pane on the right.

free animation for powerpoint

Clicking the Add button brings up a menu with four types of animations from which you can select the one you like. You can also add multiple effects, and see them added to a numbered list in the task pane. To remove any of them, select the from the list and click Remove. As you add effects, you will see numbered tags added beside the object you have selected.

free animation for powerpoint

You can further customize each using the three drop-downs. Start specifies whether the starts upon a mouse-click, starts simultaneously with the previous one, or starts after the previous one. The second drop-down depends on the and is used for customizing direction or other properties specific to that . The Speed drop-down selects the speed with which the is applied.

For advanced customization, right-click an in the list to bring up the context menu. Select Options from the context menu to bring up a dialog box with more options to customize the .

powerpoint animation

You can reorder effects within the list using the Re-Order arrows at the bottom, and click Play to preview your .

Add Transitions Between Slides

Animations between two slides are called Transitions. To add Transitions, do the following:

  1. In the left pane where all slides are shown in a vertical row, select the Slides tab.
  2. Select one or more slides in the pane for which you want the desired transition.
  3. On the Animations tab in the ribbon, choose a transition from the Transition to This group.

powerpoint animation

You can optionally add Sound and change the speed of the transition using the drop-downs in the ribbon to the right as shown above. If you want to remove the transitions you have added, just select the slides and choose No Transition (first one) from the list.

Add Motion Path Animation

To make a graphic object move in a certain on the , use . This works best for graphic images with transparent backgrounds, as the graphic moves across other elements on the . To add to an object, do the following:

  1. Drag the object you wish to animate to its starting position.
  2. Click to select the object.
  3. Open the task pane, as described earlier.
  4. Select Add > Paths > Draw Custom > Scribble. The mouse pointer becomes like a pen.
  5. Draw the desired , starting at the object, and click where it should stop moving.

powerpoint animation

You can also check out a gallery of preset paths by selecting the More Paths… menu item.

Add Animated Clip Art

You can also check out free animated clip graphics on the web. The Clip section on Office Online has a huge library of clip , including animations. You can filter your search at the bottom to find only animations related to your search term. In this way, you can get some cool free animations that are ready to be added to your presentations. Another website to check out clip is Animation Library.

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