Thursday, July 8, 2010

Convert Keynote Presentation to Video for Free on Mac

Have you ever found any troulbe in converting Keynote presentation to video fomart on Mac?

By Google, only PowerPoint to Video converters for Windows OS can be found.

Actually, Keynote has a function to save your PowerPoint presentation or Keynote presentation to .mov video directly, here is the guide:

Open your Keynote presentation.

Keynote screenshot.

From the menu File > Export...

Keynote screenshot

Click the Quicktime button.

Keynote screenshot

Change the Playback Control: to Self-Playing Movie.

Keynote screenshot

Change the slide duration from the default 5 seconds if you have a lot of text to something like 10 seconds. Another option is to use audio tracks on the slides which negates the need to have a long slide duration.

Ensure that the Formats: is set to Full Quality, Large.

Keynote screenshot

Save the resulting movie file to a suitable location.

Keynote screenshot

Keynote will now export your presentation as a Quicktime movie.

So far, you've got a mov video from your presentation free of charge on Mac.

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