Friday, October 30, 2009

Change the Color of Hyperlink in PowerPoint 2007

What happens if you are using a blue background in your presentation and you insert a hyperlink? It automatically changes the text color to blue. Now you can’t read your hyperlink because the text and background are almost if not exactly the same color! UGH!

In PowerPoint 2007, it is very easy to change the color of all hyperlinks in your presentation.

1. Go to the Design Tab
2. In the top right of the Themes grouping, click on the Colors down arrow
3. Select Create New Theme Colors located at the bottom of the list
4. Select the desired color for the Hyperlink as well as the Followed Hyperlink

All hyperlinks in your presentation are now changed. Easy and quick!

PowerPoint 2007 Demo: Change the Color of Hyperlink Download Adress:(Offered by Microsoft)

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