Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Change a Picture in PowerPoint 2007

Change a picture in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint 2007 has a feature that makes creating similar slides a snap: Change picture. You can duplicate a slide and easily change its picture without deleting the old one or fiddling with the side or placing.

This feature is ideal for creating product brochures and facilitates customizing presentations for multiple customers.

Here you see a custom layout, including custom prompts.

change picture in PowerPoint 2007

Here's a slide that uses this layout.

Change picture in PowerPoint 2007

To create another slide using this layout, click the slide in the Slide pane and press Ctrl + D to duplicate the slide.

Then double-click the photo in the central pane to select it and display the Picture Tools Format tab.

In the Adjust group, click change Picture.

In the Insert Picture dialog box, navigate to the new image and double-click it to insert it in the place of the original image.

Change picture PowerPoint 2007

This technique works best when all the images are preformatted to fit well within the layout's picture placeholder.

The combination of custom layouts and the Change Picture command offers great flexibility for individuals customizing presentations and for companies who want to control how a presentation looks while allowing presenters to make changes.

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